Our sustainable packaging series - Interview from Pascal Peroni, Global Market Director, Consumer Goods & Paper

At Bostik, the Consumer Goods & Paper segment includes all adhesives technologies designed for converting and bonding of renewable fiber or wood derivatives, or even durable materials like metal and glass into a safe packaging preserving fo···

Sustainability  Consumer Goods & Paper  bio-based  recyclable  compostable 

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Bostik has the Total Solution for Building Components

Bostik provides a total adhesive solution for building components. Its versatility spans practically every aspect in the construction industry. The adhesives’ safe and environmentally features are friendly and desirable adhesives of choice···

Building Components  Total Solutions  Technologies 

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Attend our Webinar: Bostik PSA - One stop solution for your medical tapes

The global medical tapes market has been growing exponentially, largely due to increasing focus on patient safety and wellbeing, the rise in Healthcare Acquired Infections (HAIs), and the development of single-patient tapes. To keep up with···

Tape&Label  Webinar  Medical Tape 

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Transportation Manufacturers Place Top Priority in Seat Profiles

Rapid urbanisation is driving demands for public transportation with commuters requiring safer and more comfortable rides. Manufacturers are making it a priority to provide quality furnishings and pleasant conditions and aesthetics in the c···

Mobility  Simson® ISR 7003  Transportation  Seats 

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Bostik Launches Bostik FlexApp, the First Mobile Technical Tool Application in Asia for Flexible Packaging

Bostik Advanced Packaging in Asia is launching its first mobile application for flexible packaging. Bostik FlexApp is a one-stop mobile application for users to search and find the best adhesive solutions that match their needs. The Product···

Flexible Packaging  FlexApp  adhesives 

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