Bostik Launches Bostik FlexApp, the First Mobile Technical Tool Application in Asia for Flexible Packaging

Bostik Advanced Packaging in Asia is launching its first mobile application for flexible packaging. Bostik FlexApp is a one-stop mobile application for users to search and find the best adhesive solutions that match their needs. The Product···

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Bostik addresses the rising trends of the global adhesives tape market with cutting-edge solutions

Adhesive tapes are used in a wide range of industries – logistics & security bags, signage & graphics, automotive, building & construction, medical tape, and many more. Now, they are often considered as the more effective alternative to tr···

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Bostik finalizes the integration of Ashland's performance adhesives to fully capitalize on synergies

Four months after completing the acquisition of Ashland's Performance Adhesive activities, Bostik, the adhesive solutions segment of Arkema, has finalized the Integration of these activities inside its organization. This milestone signs a m···

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Putting Together Stitchless Fabrics through Innovation and Technology

The apparel industry is a competitive one and Indian manufacturers are taking note to focus on key areas in their bid to be even more competitive. This is especially so in areas of innovation, sustainability, and flexibility.Demands for mor···

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Bostik was Awarded the 2021 Best Supplier Award by the Coca-Cola Company

Coca-Cola Company held a supplier awarding ceremony in June 2022. Bostik participated in this awarding ceremony, and was honored with the best adhesive supplier by Coca-Cola. This special honor shows Coca-Cola's recognition of Bostik's pack···

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